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Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit for mixed fleet, providing an accessible option to add precise digging capabilities to any crawler or wheeled excavator, new or existing. Not only that – an integrated payload meter further empowers operator with accurate loading capability, ensuring a maximised efficiency for your one-time investment.

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Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance
A one-stop package covering all essential functionalities

Smart Construction  3D Machine Guidance Kit delivers centimeter precision with multi-constellation GNSS systems while enabling easy switching between 2D/3D modes based on jobsite needs. Its automatic file conversion for Land XML, DXF, Topcon and Trimble formats makes the 3D Machine Guidance Kit a perfect fit for your entire digital fleet.

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance
Payload Meter: Hit loading target with every bucket
For Komatsu machines, the 3D Machine Guidance Kit comes with an option of integrated Payload Meter that allows for on-the-go weighing of soil. Create alert to avoid overloading. Measure the weight of soil loaded in the bucket or in the truck for maximum productivity.
Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance
Trusted Komatsu quality and support network
Developed by Komatsu for Smart Construction to the same strict standards as the yellow machines, the  3D Machine Guidance Kit hardware components provide customers with guaranteed reliable quality and performance. With every kit, customers have access to a team of local experts specialized in intelligent Machine Control (iMC) and 3DMG that are trained by both Komatsu and Smart Construction – making sure your digital fleet is always running smoothly.
Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance
Much more than an after-market kit
Integrated into the Smart Construction suite, the  3D Machine Guidance Kit is the first step towards optimising your earthmoving process (DX). It works as an IoT device automatically collecting terrain and payload data, which can be visualised and analysed using Smart Construction solutions and expert advice, enabling data-driven decision making.