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DigiKo supports the digital transformation of your company and your construction, excavation, and public works sites by providing you with services and tools tailored to your needs.

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An intermediate service :

A single intervention for all your solutions.

Several guided machines on your site?

The GPS base station is the right solution.

We offer :

  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Training of your teams on our solutions
Advanced service :

To ensure the profitability of your site, nothing should be left to chance. Not only do you need machine guidance technologies, but also site monitoring solutions that enable you to react quickly.

DigiKo has selected a range of solutions to better connect your worksites.

Not sure which solution to choose? Contact our advisors for guidance.

Un service à la carte :
  • Support Line
  • Orphéon license rental
  • GPS base station rental
  • Consulting
  • Installation
  • Aerial topography
  • 3D plan
Smart Construction Solutions
  • Smart Construction Retrofit
    Cost-effective 3D guidance and on-board weighing system for all hydraulic excavators. Digitalize your equipment fleet.


  • Smart Construction Remote
    Send new projects to machines, or assist operators remotely.


  • Smart Construction Edge
    For rapid processing of drone surveys to create a 3D topo map, without having to enter the worksite.


  • Smart Construction Fleet
    Get useful fleet optimization and productivity data on the move.


  • Smart Dashboard
    Visualize, measure and analyze the progress of your site with this online platform. Base your decisions on solid data.