intelligent Machine Control features iMC 2.0 - dozers

Are you constantly looking for improving your productivity and your efficiency?

iMC 2.0 is the next generation of the intelligent Machine Control that will deliver step changes in your daily operation.
This Komatsu fully factory integrated technology enables operators to get the job done right first time, every time.

We will introduce to you the suite of dozer machine control features and show how they can bring value to your operation.

Proactive dozing controlLift layer controlQuick surface creationTilt steering controlAutomatic terrain update

Proactive dozing control

How can proactive dozing control help operators to work faster?

Proactive dozing control indicates that the machine is planning the work ahead of time. At each moment, and without any operator input, the dozer maps out the terrain it’s driving over, creating a temporary 3D surface of the terrain. This surface is used to maximize dozing performance during your next pass, helping you to reach the design target in the fastest possible way. Furthermore, you can easily track over a terrain, create your as-built data from it and store it in the machine’s monitor for later use.

Lift layer control

How can your iMC2.0 machine ensure consistent layers?

When building dams, or when spreading layers of road base, it is crucial to have a consistent thickness or design in the layers, so the further steps in the design process, such as compacting, can also be done with high accuracy. The lift layer control ensures just that. On one hand, it can allow the operator to create a layer parallel to the underlaying surface, by following the existing surface. Alternatively, an operator can define a new surface as per the required designs. This can be horizontal but can just as well be angled in a slope.

Quick surface creation

How does an iMC2.0 bulldozer overcome the lack of any target surface?

The bulldozer can use the proactive dozing control to turn an existing surface into an as-built surface. At the same time, at the touch of a button, any operator can create a new surface without the need to get out of their seat. The blade’s current position serves as basis for the surface slope and crossfall. Arriving at a greenfield with a simple dozing job, such as building temporary access ramps, or removing 30cm of top layer, can now be done using this simple function.

Tilt steering control

What does tilt steering control do?

Simply put, this function will ensure the straight travel of the machine. When carrying material over a long distance, the varying underground will have an uneven drag on the load in front of the blade. This uneven drag will force the machine to deviate from its intended travel. In any other machine, it’s up to the operator to react to this, but in the iMC2.0 bulldozers, it’s taken care of without any required input.

Automatic terrain update

How can I get automatic terrain update from an iMC bulldozer?

In addition to its advanced automation features, your iMC bulldozer is also a powerful data collector. While operating on-site, the bulldozer is also constantly collecting location and elevation data based on the tracks running on the ground. Using this data, you can create a terrain surface that shows the latest machine movement and progress on jobsite. Connect your iMC with Smart Construction Dashboard, where you can easily visualise the latest terrain changes and stay on top of your project no matter where you are.

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