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Komatsu Services

A wide choice of service packages is available for Inspection, Maintenance, & Repairs.

  • Tailored coverage & flexible duration
  • Highest value for your money
  • Flexible payment options
Komatsu Care
A must-have
Periodic maintenance contract

Smooth out your periodic maintenance costs and simplify your life.

  • Estimate your annual hours of use.
  • Choose the duration of your maintenance contract.
  • Confirm the location.

Your Komatsu advisor will make you a customized offer.

And why not maximum serenity ?
Komatsu full service contract

Maximum peace of mind, so you can concentrate on your objectives!

List the services you'd like to benefit from: e.g. commented annual health check-up, training for new employees, etc. Share your ideas with us, and we'll look into possible solutions! You're under contract: no more administrative chores with quotes to accept and return.

It's easier to organize and control your budget!

Enhance it with an extended warranty