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Smart Construction Remote

Smart Construction Remote is an application that provides construction professionals such as surveyors, project managers and service engineers with the ability to send design data to the machine in the field and remotely support operators, all without traveling to the jobsite. It's designed for Komatsu intelligent Machine Control, Smart Construction Retrofit and is also compatible with a broad range of 3D systems.

Smart Construction Remote
File transfers to the field and back, instantly

Cut down travel time between site visits. Send new design files to machines immediately after the latest changes have been made, even when the machine is offline.

Smart Construction Remote
Support operators from your office
Remotely take control of the in-cabin screen. Resolve issues and troubleshoot errors in a matter of seconds even with kilometers in between. Provide reassurance to new operators and enhance the productivity of experienced ones.
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Smart Construction Remote

Construction is not a desk job, hence why all the key features of the Remote desktop can be found within the Smart Construction Remote Mobile application. Send files and support operators from any location. Available for download in both App Store and Google Play Store.


Smart Construction Remote
Expanding Compatibility
Remote isn't exclusively made for Komatsu intelligent Machine Control and Smart Construction Retrofit. It also integrates seamlessly with the latest Topcon and Trimble systems, enabling you to support your entire digital fleet from a single application.
Customer testimonial

“With Remote, file upload and download are instant and we don’t even need to leave the office. It allows us to  interact with machines across multiple sites at the same time.” 

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