Fleet Management

Operator Guidance Monitor

The operator guidance monitor improves operation efficiency with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets that help operators raise and refine their skills, resulting in higher fuel savings and productivity, and increased safety on the jobsite.

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Operator Guidance Monitor
Set your targets

In the back office

  • Set up your target KPIs for each haul road, from any remote location
  • Follow up the status of each target by date, time, shift or operator
  • Event history such as foot brake usage
  • Add geofences with specific instructions to help increase safety and logistics on site
Operator Guidance Monitor
  • Easy-to-operate 8” touchscreen monitor
  • Automatic course selection
Operator Guidance Monitor
Enhanced safety improvements
  • OGM screen gives real-time warnings for unsafe operations, such as over speeding or sudden braking
  • Safety warnings are logged
  • Geofences allow managers to set specific instructions that operators will see in advance, such as bumpy roads or falling rocks. These can help increase safety and overall operations on site.

Operator Guidance Monitor
KPI reporting for the back office

Data dashboard software

The automatic data acquisition from the machine allows remote reporting of production and event data via the dashboard. Data can be filtered by date, shift, machine, operator or haul road.

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