Hydraulic attachments

Our continuously expanding range of hydraulic attachments are designed to offer you peace of mind, highest performance and unrivaled efficiency.
Hydraulic attachments
Lehnhoff Quick Couplers
Lehnhoff Hartstahl GmbH, now part of the Komatsu family, is one of the market leaders for hydraulic quick couplers. And for good reason! More than 25 years of experience, 150,000 units sold, these couplers are designed for higher productivity and better versatility. Lehnhoffs' large portfolio of products covers excavators from PC09 to PC1250, with a range of mechanical, hydraulical or fully hydraulical quick couplers.
Hydraulic attachments
Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers
Komatsu’s range of 33 hydraulic breakers provide superior impact energy in a variety of rock and concrete
demolition applications: you can count on exceptional performance and efficiency whether
you’re scaling a tunnel, running a pedestal-boom in a quarry, or tearing out reinforced
concrete masonry.

B-series breakers are gas-fired, straightforward, reliable and powerful breakers. Ideally suited to hard rock.

H- and V-series breakers, based on accumulator-type technology, introduce a lot more features to the range. 
The unique fully variable speed technology of V-series breakers achieves the highest production in any application! 
Hydraulic attachments
Komatsu Xcentric Ripper

The design of the Komatsu Xcentric Ripper is based on the most advanced technologies for excavating and demolition. It works perfectly with the latest machines, meets the highest industry standards and offers an outstanding performance – while making your work up to 5 times more efficient.
The Xcentric Ripper's closed energy chamber is completely protected from dust, water and other external agents. It can perform equally well under water as in the middle of a quarry pit - with no need for modifications!
Ease of use, safety, higher productivity and reduced running costs were the pillars upon which this product was developed. In quarries with a limited volume of production, or where drilling and blasting are no longer permitted for environmental or safety reasons, the Xcentric® Ripper is the most economical alternative to high production costs.

​Hydraulic Attachments
Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers
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