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With a powerful Komatsu EU Stage V engine, the advanced Komatsu Traction Control System, selectable working modes for on-demand performance adjustments, a robust exterior, and state-of-the-art solutions for its suspension and retarder, the HM300-5 is a perfect choice for any jobsite, in any conditions.

  • Powerful and Environmentally Friendly
  • First-Class Comfort
  • Maximised Efficiency
  • Safety First
  • Easy Maintenance
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Engine Power
248/332 kW/HP
Rated Payload
28 t.
Max. Speed
58,6 km/h
Operating Weight
25,4-53,5 t.
Maximised Efficiency
Komatsu Dump Trucks
Maximised Efficiency
  • Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS)
  • Selectable working modes
  • Adjustable idle shutdown
  • Integrated payload meter (optional)
KTCS (Traction Control)
Komatsu Dump Trucks
KTCS (Traction Control)
  • Unique traction control system
  • Traction in all ground conditions
  • Works full automatic
  • Superior steering performance
First-Class Comfort
First-Class Comfort
The wide Komatsu SpaceCab™ with user-friendly controls provides a comfortable and safe work environment. A fully adjustable airsuspended seat dampens vibrations and reduces the fatigue of long shifts. Large front and electric side windows give a superior visibility and increased confidence. The rear window can be electrically heated for quick defrosting.
Environmentally Friendly
Komatsu Dump Trucks
Environmentally Friendly
Komatsu is committed to developing environment-friendly products at competitive prices. Thanks to a strong market presence, new technologies and fuel efficient engines Komatsu directly contributes to reduce NOx emissions.
Easy Maintenance
Komatsu Dump Trucks
Easy Maintenance
  • Ground level access to filters
  • Reversible radiator fan
  • Power cab tilt
KOMTRAX and Komatsu Care
Komtrax™ is Komatsu’s state of the art wireless monitoring system. It gives you an easy way to track your machines, monitor their performance and stay up to date about the status of your equipment. Knowledge gained from KOMTRAX saves you time and maximises your profits.
Komatsu CARE™ is a maintenance program that comes as standard with your new Komatsu machine. It covers factory-scheduled maintenance, performed with Komatsu Genuine parts by Komatsu-trained technicians.
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